What is a Parenting Coach?

A parenting coach is a certified and experienced coach who will support parents in achieving their parenting goals. Coaches can work with clients in a non-directive way or a directive way. Most often, clients prefer a little of both.

Our coaches, although all trained, certified, and experienced, have specialites in order to help parents with specific parenting problems.

Our Parenting Coach Process


Our coaches are natural helpers. Our training makes us effective because we listen first. Then we ask questions. Finally, we allow our clients to find the solutions they know are right for their families.


Sometimes our clients want to know what to do. Our coaches have years of personal experience with what works with children and what doesn't. We have creative and time-tested common sense solutions to most any parenting problem.

Meet the Parent Coaches

Susan Morley
Susan Morley

Susan's experience as a single mom makes her a natural for other single parents. She also stays involved in the public school system as a substitute teacher so she can stay current with today's climate for children, especially as it pertains to their on-line lives. Susan is also is certified to help families with a member in long-term recovery from any number of substance-use disorders.

Janet Carter
Janet Carter

Janet is our resident expert on parents with adopted children and with children who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Her work with families on a proper diet and neruo-feedback is life changing for families.

Pepa Wenrish
Pepa Rivero de Wenrich

Pepa has extensive experience working with parents of preschoolers and young children. She has a way to listen to parents and know a solution almost instantly. She is also bilingual, English and Spanish.

Donna Pearce
Donna Pearce

Donna has years of experience working as a director of children's ministry and has a deep understanding of what makes the little ones tick as well as what parents can do at home so they can enjoy the "good" behavior teachers seem to get easily. HINT: It's all in the attitude.

Our coaches are ready to help you make the changes you need so you can enjoy the life you want. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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