Susan Morley

Susan Morley


Susan Morley is a Parenting Coach, Recovery Coach, credentialed educator, and Motivational Interviewing trainer based in Atlanta, GA.

As a Motivational Interviewing practitioner and trainer, Susan uses proven methods that help parents determine their parenting style, guides them through creating a parenting plan, and supports them as they make the necessary steps to reach their parenting goals.

Susan is also certified as a Better Brains for Babies Community Educator, Common Sense Media Educator, Motivational Interviewing Trainer and Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist (CARES).

Through her business, Parent Coach Atlanta, LLC, Susan works with a variety of parents including families of medically fragile children, military families, and single parents. If you or a loved one has a family member in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder, visit RecoveryCoachAtlanta to learn how Susan can support you and your family.

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  • “I thoroughly enjoyed Susan’s workshops and have seen improvements in my parenting strategies since adopting some of the techniques discussed. Susan is knowledgeable, funny, enthusiastic and made me very comfortable asking questions. I highly recommend her and her services. Both you and your children will thank her!”
    BB - Decatur, GA

  • “Amazing! Susan is the real parent “whisperer.” She possesses both the knowledge and the ability to transfer it–explain, teach, practice, and reinforce. Her coaching has made a huge impact on my parenting skills and, consequently, on my business as well. Strongly recommend her services!”
    MS - Brooklyn, NY

  • Susan,  Thank you!  I wrote earlier about my daughters fits and at that time we banned her to her room for a week but we did not eliminate swim practice.  All was well for a while but it of course happened again. This time we went “all in” and that meant no swim practice, which meant missing her summer finals meet which she would have won all 4 events.  Finally, it made and impact.  I’ve reviewed TWBC and 6 keys. She has had one more episode after an especially long and tiring 2 weeks but is now really thriving.  I have Johns new book on order and am looking forward to it.  Thank you for your advice and support. It really does work.  I just had to get over those last few strings to my old ways.  ”Do or do not, there is no try” as Yoda says.  (My son’s favorite movie)  I know there will be challenges ahead, this year I’m homeschooling both of them, 5th and 1st.  I may be here a lot.

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