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Susan Morley
Susan Morley
Janet Carter
Janet Carter
Pepa Wenrish
Pepa Rivero de Wenrich
Donna Pearce
Donna Pearce
  • "I am so glad I visited Pepa with my husband. She opened up my mind and helped me get where I wanted to go with my kids. Everyone in my family is so much happier now. I am very confident about following Pepa’s advice and recommendations, I feel she gets it."

    ~ P.M., Miami, FL

  • “Susan is helping me change my attitude to a Love and Leadership, rather than being a ‘servant’ to my kids. My marriage has become center stage, and another wonderful bonus, my kids are worrying more than I am, wow!! I have always been a John Rosemond proponent, however, having someone to ‘coach’ me through particular situations helps me change my thought process.”
    CF - Atlanta, GA

  • “It was so nice and refreshing to talk to you today! Thank you so much for the time you took with me and the suggestions you gave! It gives me hope that we can turn things around and help Bob be successful in school! I’ve already ordered a really neat magnetic chore chart and ready to start exercising those “listening and following directions” muscles! I’ll be frequenting your parenting column and will keep you posted on Bob’s ‘evaluation.’ Thanks again for your help!”
    AM - Dallas, TX

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